We Take Care of Your Website’s Hosting, Security, Backups, Content Updates, and More!

Server Updates

Continual updates to WordPress core, theme, and plugins keeps your site elements current and reduces the risk of security breaches.

DAily Backups

Redundant website backups, stored both locally and off-site, ensures that the content of your website will never be lost in the unlikely event of an attack.

Premium Security

Several preventative measures are deployed to reduce the risks of the most common types of security threats from nasty hackers and malware.

Monthly Reports

On the 1st of each month, you will be emailed a detailed report of your website’s maintenance, updates, security monitoring, performance, and analytics.

Up-time Alerts

Our servers are monitored in real-time. If they go down, we receive an alert and begin troubleshooting the problem to bring them online as quickly as possible.

Premium Plugins

We use many premium (paid-for) plugins on our websites. Ensuring your business website only receive the best security, performance, and form options available.


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