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WordPress delivers extreme ease of installation and a wide range of plugins and integrations that allow for just about any feature needed for your business website to be amazing.

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While there are plenty of website designers that charge less for web design services, it's important to remember that you often get what you pay for. Many use inferior tools and rely on free plugins instead of more advanced, supported, and safer premium versions. Additionally, few competing designers prioritize aspects such as scalability, maintainability, and accessibility, all of which are crucial for the success of your business website. However, when you choose to work with me, you will receive a business website to built using a professional-grade builder and feature-rich premium plugins. I also ensure scalability, maintainability, accessibility, and ongoing support when building websites for my clients.

Client Business Websites

Some Examples of

Brooks Transportation Website Project
G & H Granite Website Project
CTS Choice Technical Services Website Project
Sloan Electric, LLC Website Project
4Paws and 2Feet Website Project
On The Gate, LLC Website Project
Portside Real Estate Services Website Project
Thousand Oaks Woman's Club Website Project
Caffe Noor Website Project
S & H Bail Bonds Website Project
Shadow Alchemy Website Project
Paragon BJJ Website Project
Mynesweepers Website Project
Always Around Bail Bonds Website Project
Jaydie Leigh Dance Website Project
Beauty Beach Lounge Website Project
Dr. Linda Humphreys Website Project

Frequently asked questions

Have questions before we get started? Here are some of the most common questions and answers when it comes to my business website design services.

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Unfortunately, no. I stopped fixing problems on existing websites back in 2015, mainly because I was hired to simply put a Band-Aid on a bigger issue. I recommend you attempt to contact your previous webmaster and have them fix it. They are familiar with the build, the technology, and possibly even the problem itself.


Many website issues stem from bad or conflicting plugins… usually because they are free. I choose to only use the highest quality premium (paid) plugins for my builds, which all but assures no website issues down the road. And with technology and regulations changing so quickly, it’s much more cost-effective to start from scratch, correctly, and then have ongoing maintenance on the website to avoid problems down the road.

The most frequently asked question by web designers is about the cost of building a website, and I have the perfect answer to this question. Similar to homes or cars, websites come in a range of options and prices, varying depending on factors such as content, features, and coding. Website costs can range from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars.


While I don’t provide pricing information on my website, I encourage you to contact me via text, email, or live chat so that we can discuss your project requirements. From there, I can create a proposal for your project as well as identify any additional items that will make your project more successful and help you reach your goals. I offer affordable rates for business websites, and payment plans are also available to accommodate your specific needs.

All my websites are built using WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS) framework. To customize the websites, I utilize Bricks, a powerful and lightweight builder/theme that offers extensive features and advanced functionality. Bricks is highly developer-friendly and enables full control of the website’s structure and design.


Unlike other builders such as Divi, Elementor, and Beaver Builder, Bricks does not introduce bloated or excessive code that can slow down website load times. If you’re interested in learning more about Bricks and its advanced features, I encourage you to watch this comprehensive video review.

This question is often asked by clients, just like the “How much does it cost to build a website” question.


The time required to build a business website depends on various factors, such as: the number of pages, features, and other specifications. I have built some business websites in just a few days, while others have taken almost a year to complete. My work pace is primarily based on the client’s needs, as I prioritize delivering high-quality work within the client’s desired timeframe.


However, the pace of the project may be affected by unforeseen factors, such as incomplete information or assets from the client that can delay the development process. I have a saying… “I work at the speed of client“, meaning that no matter how quickly I develop a website, I am usually at the mercy of my clients having everything needed in order for the project to progress smoothly.

My location is not an issue as I can assist you and your business as long as I have access to the internet. Although the majority of my clients are based in Southern California, I have clients throughout the United States. So, regardless of your location within the US, I can provide you with the necessary assistance in completing your upcoming design project.

In short, yes, you can update your website on your own. However, doing so can sometimes lead to unexpected problems.


As a client, you are entitled to all website updates needed. Simply send me a message and I will take care of them promptly. However, if you feel compelled to update the website yourself, I can show you how to do it correctly to avoid any potential issues and prevent any accidental damage to the website.