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Smart Digital Virtual Business Cards

Beautiful, responsive HTML-based digital Virtual Business Cards that are effortlessly shared via QR code or custom link

  • Always up-to-date
  • Easily shared via QR code or link
  • Lives online, so it's always accessible
  • Only costs about 10¢/day
  • Saves the planet
  • And more...

an extremely

Cost-Effective Contact Tool

Did you know that 88% of people toss traditional printed business cards in the trash within a week of receiving one? If you ever need to change any of your info, they are outdated the minute they are printed. Business cards are also terrible for the planet... and do you notice how you never seem to have one handy when someone asks for one?

So why do we keep buying them?

Smart Digital vCards are cheaper, always on hand since they live online, are more convenient to update, and are 100% green for the planet! This makes them by far the most cost-effective way to share your contact info.

  1. 1. Create

    We create a vCard custom made for you. We generate your custom QR code and accompanying link. Once uploaded to our servers, your vCard is ready for use.

  2. 2. Scan

    Using a phone, clients, customers, and potential leads can now scan your QR code, sending them to your custom-made vCard landing page.

  3. 3. Save

    The viewer will be met with your smiling face, beautiful graphics, product updates, photos, and more. There is also a 1-click option to save all of your contact info to their phone.

Powerful FEATURES to

Supercharge Your Marketing

Make them say "WOW" when they scan your vCard with these premium features, unlocked when you subscribe to our Premium plan

  • Custom Logo Cover

    Get a custom-made background with your logo that matches your brand colors and style

  • Custom Wallpaper

    Receive a custom phone wallpaper that prominently displays your photo, logo, and QR code for easy scanning

  • Media Section

    Spice up your vCard with up to 6 featured photos and videos for that added "wow" factor

  • Social Media Links

    Link up to 6 social media channels with familiar 1-Touch icons

  • Featured Content

    Add up to 3 featured products or promotions accouncements and link directly to them

  • Custom Buttons

    Sky is the limit with our custom buttons that can say anything and link to anywhere

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our list of FAQs should help answer any questions you may have before deciding to sign up or not. 

Still have questions?

Awesome, we are here to help. You can live chat with us right now and we would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Live Chat

Your vCard is built using responsive HTML and can be easily updated. Depending on which plan you’re subscribed to, your update may either be free of charge or require a one-time fee of $29 for the generation of an updated vCard.

Simply reach out to us indicating you would like additional vCards and we will send you the setup form and an invoice.

There are 2 ways to share your vCard.

  1. Your custom generated QR code
  2. Your custom generated link

We will provide a QR code for you to use. Simply pull it up on your phone and have someone scan it. If you subscribe to our Premium plan, you will also receive a beautifully designed phone wallpaper with your logo, photo, and QR.

You can also send your vCard using the link. Send it to prospects via text, email, or even have it embedded on your website.

Not necessarily… but having a business website does help if you opt to unlock our premium features.

We have over 28 years of experience in web design & development and would be happy to speak with you about building a website for your company.

Simply head over to our main website, Erik Allen Design & Marketing, to learn more and reach out to us about your website project.

Choose a vCard Plan That Fits Your Budget

Our Smart Digital vCards are custom created specifically for you. Simply choose a plan, fill out our form, and your vCard will be live for all to see within 24 hours.

Click the buttons below to see the difference between our Standard and Premium vCards.

  • Standard

    Includes cloud hosting and one update per year. Additional updates to your vCard are $29/ea.

    $39per year
  • Premium

    Includes cloud hosting, four updates per year, and unlocks all premium vCard features. Additional updates are $29/ea.

    $99per year
  • Premium+

    Upgrade to Premium+ and unlock unlimited updates, all year long.

    $159per year
    Best Value

Get Your vCard Today!

If you have any questions or if you're ready to subscribe, simply fill out the form. We thank you for taking the time to learn about our amazing vCards and especially for the opportunity to earn your business.

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