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Your business website has less than a second to appear credible, professional, and stand out from your competition.

We have designed and developed hundreds of websites since 1995... and we would love the opportunity to earn your business! Thanks to the internet, conferencing, and screen sharing software... we are able to work with clients both locally AND nationwide.

A professionally-designed business website will instantly elevate your credibility and trustworthiness in the industry. And in a world where optics matter, a new business website, that employs current web technology, will help attract new long-term customers.

With WordPress websites currently on the web in the billions, there are obviously going to be a few that need "professional help". If you think that your business website is one of them, we can help you... and for much less than you may think. 

We will design a business website that will not only look amazing but function amazing as well. Together, we will decide the most important features to include that will fit your budget.

So, what does your new business website need to be able to do?

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Beauty Salons
Restaurants & Bars
Property Listings
and more...

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Our Easy 1-2-3 Web Process

We Gather
We Evaluate
We Build
We start by collecting (a ton) of info about you and your company via our comprehensive intake form. Then, we get on the phone and fill in any blanks that we may have in order to obtain a full profile of your company and goals. Only then, can we provide a detailed proposal and cost estimate, design & marketing strategy, and a proposed timeline for achieving your goals. Once the proposal is approved, we begin the next step.
Then, we research the hell out of your company, your industry, and the businesses both in and around it. Believe it or not, your competitors' business strategies are key to helping us to show your customers just how much more awesome your company is compared to them.
Finally, this is where the magic happens. We then put everything together that we have learned and create what will become your new business website. When finished and launched, the easy-of-use and fresh design of your new online presence will not only wow your current customers and attract new ones... but blow away your competition!
Let's Get Started!

You Have Questions / We Have Answers!

How much does a website cost?
Ah, yes... our #1 most asked question. Anyone who can answer this without asking questions about your company is not there to help your business grow... only their bank account. Short answer... RUN!

Our website are quoted based on the needs of each individual business. And since each business is unique, we need to know more about your business. We ask lots of questions about your business and its goals, quantify your answers, ask a few more questions, then give you a fair and reasonable quote. 

We know that doesn't really answer your question, but... we can tell you that all of our projects start as a 3-page website. This includes a home page with contact form, an about page, and a services page all for only $499. We find this type of business website is usually suitable for most solopreneurs, startups, and redesigns of older websites. There are almost an unlimited number of features that can be added (at additional costs) to make your website do exactly what you want.
Do I have to live in Southern California in order to work with you?
Not at all! 

The beauty of the internet is that we can literally be everywhere... no matter where we are! We use premium meeting & screen sharing software in order to meet virtually to discuss your project in detail... regardless of where you live.

Alternatively, If you are local, we would love to meet with you in person over to discuss you project.
How long will it take to build my new website?
The time it takes to build your new business website varies tremendously depending on the complexity, size, goals, functionality, and design of your website. But that’s only half of the equation… your responsiveness to our requests and the quality of your participation play a huge factor as well. 

We have a saying here… "we work at the speed of client".

While basic business websites can take as little as a week to complete, larger more complex websites can take 2-4 months or more.
Who is responsible for providing the content of my site?
You are the expert on your business, so it’s usually best if all website content comes from you. Ideally, you would be able to supply us with logos, text, and original photos to use on your website. However, if you need help, we have access to vast image libraries, can create logos and other graphics, and know copywriters who can help clean up or write original content. Please note, that there are additional costs to employ any of these options.
Will I be able to update my website myself when it’s finished?
Absolutely… that's if you really want to. 

One of the major benefits with being one or our clients is that we host and manage all of our client's websites. This way, we are able to control the environment your site is on, which reduces any problems that may come up. We handle of all the maintenance, security, server speed, etc. And if you feel you will need frequent updates, simply choose to add a bracket of 'update time' in your monthly plan. It’s much faster and safer for us to do updates for you. This will ensure that updates are performed quickly, without danger of breaking your website.

However, the site is ultimately yours and we are more than happy to train you on how to manage your website’s content upon request.
I already have a website, but it has problems. Can you fix it for me?
Unfortunately, no. 

We made the decision to stop offering to fix other designer's mistakes back in 2015. We found that we would spend so many hours analyzing hundreds of lines of code in order to find the problem, it would end up being cheaper if we had just discarded the site altogether and rebuilt it from scratch.

What Our Clients Think of Us

Testimonial from Mindy & Alex Moody of garagerehab.comTestimonial from Jennifer Nairn of beautybeachlounge.comTestimonial from Scott Moyer of musicianscamp.com
Testimonial from Joe & Shannon Harris of jh3company.comTestimonial from Greg Longaker of Longaker MarketingTestimonial from Brent Lee of kayakobsessionscompany.com
  • Testimonial from Dr. Linda Humphreys of insideouttransformation.com

    Woohoo! As good as it gets...

    "Erik has been such a breeze to work with. He provided me with menu-like options, provided detailed descriptions, and made suggestions that are going to save me a lot of money in the long run. I have found Erik to be honest regarding what to start with now (and what to grow into at a later date), knowledgeable about new programs and plug-ins, a talented graphic designer, and someone who provides rapid work turn-around. Additionally, Erik is always extremely honest. Knowing that I was working with a set budget, he suggested what to set-up now and what I can “grow-into later” as my business and offerings grows. I feel lucky to have found Erik."
    Dr. Linda Humphreys
  • Testimonial from Tina Butler of 4pawsand2feet.com

    Very satisfied with the service

    Professional work, easy to talk to and Erik did great paying attention to detail. Very satisfied with the service.
    Tina Butler
  • Testimonial from Brian Parker of mynesweepers.com

    Erik did an awesome job!

    "Erik did an awesome job creating my website. He took the time to sit down with me and understand both my product, and the type of customers I’m looking to reach. He was very patient with my lack of computer skills, and knowledge in getting him material. I have only heard good things about what people see online."
    Brian Parker
  • Testimonial from Tammy Nakahashi of shadowalchemy.com

    Results that far exceeded my expectations...

    "Erik did a terrific job on my website. His professional expertise, clear communication throughout the process, and dedication to customer satisfaction produced results that far exceeded my expectations. His work ethic makes it a pleasure to work with him. I will definitely refer back to him for any other website work I may have in the future."
    Tammy Nakahashi
  • Testimonial from Tina Morrow of 1stclassmedicalbilling.com

    Everything came out perfect!

    "When I finally decided to grow my business I was so overwhelmed. A website and a logo... I had no clue where to start. I found Erik and immediately hired him for my project. I had no idea how to articulate what I wanted but Erik somehow knew. Everything came out perfect."
    Tina Morrow
  • Testimonial from Joe & Shannon Harris of jh3company.com

    We highly recommend him!

    "We have worked with Erik Allen for many years. His work ethic and design capability are like no other. He produces material quickly and offers many different ideas. He is easy to work with and very kind. We highly recommend him!"
    Joe & Shannon Harris
  • Testimonial from David McNaught of 4pawsand2feet.com

    What a difference!

    "After almost a year of enduring non-stop excuses, unfulfilled promises and an unworkable website from a large media company, I finally pulled the plug. Fortunately, I discovered Erik Allen Design and Marketing. We met and went over what I was looking for in a website. What a difference! Erik had a great website up and working in no time at all and at a very favorable price. Erik is extremely talented and a pleasure to work with. I am very happy with the results and would definitely recommend Erik to any small or medium business who wants a better presence on the web. "
    David McNaught
  • Testimonial from Melissa Herbelin of apautospa.com

    We gained many more customers...

    "My company is an auto restoration business and new to the area. I originally ordered business cards and hand out flyers from Erik Allen's company and I was very pleased with the products. Our location needed some more attention, so I had them help with my logo and website development and we gained many more customers."
    Melissa Herbelin
  • Testimonial from Jennifer Nairn of beautybeachlounge.com

    We highly recommend him!

    "Erik went far and beyond our expectations. Our new site is beautiful and super user friendly. It will help us take our business to the next level. We highly recommend him!"
    Shay Merchav & Jenn Nairn
  • Testimonial from Brent Lee of kayakobsessionscompany.com

    A pleasure to interact with...

    "Great experience, professional, available! Great ideas and input, we have been through a lot of marketing services, Erik Allen was a pleasure to interact with, even when we did not know exactly 'what this or that should be' Erik showed patience and understanding through the process."
    Brett Lee
  • Testimonial from Mindy & Alex Moody of garagerehab.com

    Instrumental in our branding...

    "We have worked with Erik for about 2 years now & his creativity, promptness & patience are ideal for a small growing business like ourselves. He has been instrumental in our branding and image development. Thank you Erik for all the hard work!"
    Alex & Mindy Moody
  • Testimonial from Greg Longaker of Longaker Marketing

    He exceeds expectations...

    "I've known Erik for over 10 years, and have used his Web Design services both personally, and have recommended Erik to close friends and family. to use his expertise. Erik is an upmost professional, he exceeds expectations, and his communication skills are second to none.  I HIGHLY recommend using Erik for any of your Design, Web, and or Marketing needs."
    Greg Longaker
    Longaker Consulting