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Marketing Services

Is your company no longer bringing in new customers? Are you ready to get serious about your your business and elevate it to the next level? Together, we can figure out the gaps in your current marketing and fill them with actionable marketing strategies that will start generating new business right away.

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Marketing, Explained.

According to, Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

Now, what does that really mean?

It means that you posses something you want someone to consume (physical product, service, etc.) and marketing is the action that you take in order to convince those people to consume from you, instead of from your competition.

There are MANY different marketing avenues and it usually takes a precise combination of them to achieve your business goals. We have been helping small, family-owned businesses like your with marketing since 1992.

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Reputation Management

When you are trying to figure out where go to dinner, or if you should buy that new doo-dad you have been eyeing, you have probably tried to find the star rating for whatever it is you were searching for.

This is because your are part of the staggering 92% of people who read reviews before making a decision. That’s 92% of all of the poeple who look you up online, will judge you and your business without ever stepping foot in your location or speaking to you on the phone.

That’s a pretty powerful number. Do you know how your business ranks among your competition? Because if your online reputation is poor or non-existant, those people will scroll right by you and choose your competitor.

Did you know, that only 6% of people will leave an online review if left to do it on their own? That’s why Reputation Management is one of the marketing services we offer at Erik Allen Design & Marketing.

We can increase that number to 40% or more in order to help you take control of your online reputation, all without interrupting your current marketing and business flow.

Increased online reviews bring in new customers, increase profits, increase brand exposure, boost your online reputation, and rank your business higher on search engines. Dollar-for-dollar, this will be the most effective marketing tool in your arsenal. Our tool easily integrates with over 750 online apps to seamlessly integrate into your current marketing.

Online Reviews

Hmmm… where would you take your family for pizza tonight?

Online Reviews Are Important!

  • Your customer who will judge your business based on your online reviews 92% 92%
  • Your customers who will not select your business if it has a poor online reputation 74% 74%
  • Your customers who will not select your business if it doesn’t have at least a 4-star rating 94% 94%
  • Your customers who will consider selecting your business if it has a 3-star rating 53% 53%
  • Your customers who won’t take any of your reviews that are over 3 months old seriously 80% 80%
  • Your customers who will trust online reviews from strangers as much as recommendations from friends or family 84% 84%
  • Your customers who will write an online review on their own without a reminder 6% 6%
  • Your customers who will write an online review after our Review Management tool reminds them to 76% 76%

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