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Case Study

Shadow Alchemy

Tammy Nakahashi earned her credentials as a Certified Coaching Professional in 2013. Based in Portland, she has been assisting people from all walks of life to break free of the societal, cultural, and family constructs keeping them from living a fully expressed life.


Tammy had previously had her Shadow Alchemy website with Wix. Unsatisfied with both the previous website and Wix, she came to us seeking to upgrade before her subscription ended on March 1st. Her new website needed to capture the attention of prospective clients upon entry, educate them as to who she is and what she can do for them, and allow them to schedule coaching sessions online.


Tammy had big plans for Shadow Alchemy, and after listening to what her vision was for her website, we explained what would be involved in order to get it to that point. Having an aggressive timeline and a limited budget, we suggested a path for her to take in order to launch on time and save some money. She agreed and we ended up launching on time while saving her thousands of dollars in services and features. Her website was built with future expansion in mind and when she realizes a profit from her website, she will be able to add the marketing automation and premium features at that time.

Testimonial from Tammy Nakahashi of

“Erik did a terrific job on my website. His professional expertise, clear communication throughout the process, and dedication to customer satisfaction produced results that far exceeded my expectations. His work ethic makes it a pleasure to work with him. I will definitely refer back to him for any other website work I may have in the future.”

Tammy Nakahashi
Shadow Alchemy


February 22, 2020

Tammy’s contract with Wix ends on March 1st, so we knew we had to hurry in order to launch on time. So, we immediately dove into researching the self-help/coaching industry to identify the pages and sections that are most important. We also took the existing textual content from Tammy’s previous website and integrated it into her new website.

February 25, 2020

After only a few short days, the website was ready for review. We jumped on our web-chat solution to go over her new website and took notes regarding any needed changes. We made recommendations as to new sections and features that we felt should be included to keep her site on par with others in the industry. Tammy was very happy with the look and feel of her new website.

February 28, 2020

After only a couple of days, Tammy starting sending over the info we requested. We quickly made the supplied changes and additions to her website. Tammy could really start to see that we were close and her new website was almost ready for launch.

February 29, 2020

We spent a couple of hours going back and forth with Tammy adjusting all of the details of her site so it would be ready for launch. Before the night was over, we would have everything done in time for her launch tomorrow.

March 1, 2020

We did a thorough test of the website. We tested for speed, broken links, and made sure it was mobile optimized as well. When all looked good to go, we sent Tammy the email saying it was ready on our end, to go ahead and take one last look. She responded with the green light to go ahead and launch. We switched over her DNS to our servers and her new website went live on time, and within budget. Tammy was extremely pleased with the whole process and especially the result.

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