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A brand is an integrated identity that touches every aspect of what you do. It determines the look and feel of your company. You can’t do any marketing, advertising or public relations effectively at all without a brand.

Branding is about consistency. You have to make sure that you stick with your theme in order for branding to work. Stray too far and people won’t recognize you.

Our designers specialize in branding and logo design. We have created branding for new companies and companies that did not have a consistent message since 1995. We have also helped start-ups determine and create their brand to move their business forward. Our creative team will work with you to design an eye-catching Identity to draw customers to your business.


Branding is not logo design and logo design is only a part of branding. Think of branding as the whole enchilada and your logo is just the tortilla. Branding is the perfect harmony between your company’s colors, fonts, textures, and finally, your logo.

Having a consistent, clear brand helps customers get to know your organization’s personality, recognize your products/services, and distinguish you from your competitors. These days, your brand is conveyed across many touch points. Customers develop a sense of your brand identity through each of their interactions with your business, and many of those interactions happen online.

Our branding services combine logo design or refinement, visual design, typography, interactive design, and content strategy to create unique digital and interactive experiences that help you rise above the pack.

At the conclusion of your branding project, your business will be equipped with all of the digital assets and guidelines you need to create a consistent brand experience for your customers. For many branding projects, we include fonts, color swatches with HEX, CMYK, and RGB values and also a Brand Guidelines booklet (in PDF format), as well as a complete set of logo files.

Logo Design

For some brands, redesigning a logo can be a refreshing, exciting process. For others, it’s a reluctant, nerve-racking experience. Will people still recognize your brand? Will the new look be off-putting for your loyal clients?

No matter where you fall on this scale, we look at your business completely objectively. Just because we enjoy redesigning logos doesn’t mean it’s the right move for you. 

For brands that will benefit from a logo redesign, we focus on designing a logo that establishes a consistent company identity. This process looks a little different for every client, but we follow a proven process that includes: market research, design discovery, initial mock-ups in black & white, refined mock-ups in color, and ultimately, the final design.

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