A well-designed business logo is arguably the single most important piece of branding for a company. So much can be conveyed in a business logo, that finding just the right one can seem impossible. But it’s not, we promise. Let us educate you as to why hiring a professional designer will make creating your business logo a breeze.

Why is your Business Logo so Important?

Well, even though a logo doesn’t actually sell anything, it is there to identify who you are. A successful business logo is simple, yet bold. It gracefully combines shape, color, and fonts into one immediately recognizable image.

I distinctly remember, many moons ago back in college, my graphic design professor said that when designing a logo, design it as if it was on a billboard along the freeway and the person looking at it was going 70mph. In that quick glance, would they be able to remember the way it looked, and more importantly, remember the company name? That always stuck with me and we approach every business logo design with that in mind.

Now, there are MANY logo resources all over the web. Some are super cheap, like DIY websites, and some are super expensive, like large design agencies. The temptation to use one of those “Create your Own Logo” websites, hoping to save time and money, may sound like a good idea, but they ultimately can cost you so much more than hiring a real design professional.

The Pitfalls of a DIY Logo Builder

After you have entered your credit card info and are ready to dive in, you soon realize you’re stumbling around a platform that is user-friendly, but not really meant for design at all. The library of images offered to you, mainly consists of juvenile clipart (some of which aren’t legally licensed to be used as business logos). Granted, some people are OK with these hard truths... I mean, there is a reason these sites are super successful.

However, after you have spent hours designing your business logo and you’re finally happy with the final result, what do you do now?

Have I completely lost you yet?

If you’re still with me, then congratulations... you may be smarter than the average bear. So let’s say that you have created multiple versions of your new business logo in multiple file formats. You’ve gone full steam ahead, spending money for business cards, flyers, brochures, and even a vehicle wrap. Then, a few months later, you find out that 10 other companies have almost the same logo you just made, but the icons is a different color and they are sporting a different company name. That sinking feeling begins to set in, realizing you may have wasted your time and money, only to become painfully aware that you are right back to square one.

So What is a Business Owner to Do?

Hire a professional... it's absolutely worth the investment. You don't need to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a great logo and I'm sure you have better things to do with your time. Not only will a professional graphic designer be able to supply you with an original piece of artwork, but they should be able to do everything mentioned above that a DIY site will not. And the best part about using a professional designer is that you don’t have to do a thing. Your job pretty much ends as soon as payment is made. After that, simply sit back and watch your company’s most important marketing asset develop from concept to a finished work of art. Your company’s identity has been born. Now it’s time to use it on all of your marketing materials to get your name out there... and we can help you with that as well.